Training and Improvement

The Tengu Geta

I am always intrigued by weird objects. The Tengu Geta is one of those. At first, I found it awkward to wear that I couldn’t last riding on it for three seconds! But eventually I have made it a bit longer. Long enough for me to take a trip to the grocery store and back.

How? When I bought my first pair, the storekeeper simply told me that it’s just like being on top of a pair of roller blades.

Yes, I kind of understood what he wanted to say. But heck, I don’t even “roller blade”.

The Tengu Geta is used by Japanese students days before an examination, which is believed to bring good luck upon the wearer, as well as dancers, sportspeople and martial artists alike who choose to improve their training and technique.

Also, this weird sandals play a great role in improving your posture, attention to surroundings, and boost your self-confidence. Don’t take my word for it, try this by yourselves, in order to appreciate what it feels like to ride on top of a pair.

It costs about 10,000 Japanese Yen, which is in my humble opinion, a good investment for every serious swordsman.



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