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Meaning of The Sakura

To most people, the Hanami is a once-a-year event that happens every April. As of this year, the cherry blossoms were at their full bloom on the first weekend (Year 2017).

To be honest, I am not the type of person who goes out of the house just to go sight-seeing without significant meaning. I prefer that most, if not all of my walks should provide value into my life.

One of the most significant meanings that I can connect with the Sakura is “a new beginning”. This is perhaps why the Japanese schools usually start in this time of year.

These cherry blossoms only show their real beauty for one week at maximum. This is why people are so excited to see them especially after the long winter months. During this time, you can hang out with your friends, sing Karaoke if you like, and cherish the great moments you have together. Even if you won’t make it in time to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom, you can always walk along the cherry path together with the petals blowing softly in the wind, or the earth glittered with pink petals. Looks romantic if you ask me.

Next time if you find yourself in Japan though, you can always go to the nearest park where you can see the Cherry blossom in full bloom. I happened to wander and took this featured photo in this location: Mitsuike Park (Japanese)

Cheers, and spread the love.


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