Blade Philosophies

Dealing With Authority Figures With Big EGOs

Hello My Readers!

If at some point you are experiencing the following: confusion, cognitive dissonance, and anything in between that’s uncomfortable to you (or worse), you may need to read further into this article.

What I’m about to offer you is not book knowledge, but personal observations and how was it dealt with. I hope that this advice finds you well.

This is especially very prevalent in the Corporate setting, where such places are more conducive to envy than anywhere else. You may have graduated from College with flying colors with thousands of talents. Regardless, chances are high that you end up working for a boss that after several years of service, turns out to be an unexpected (or expected, perspective-wise) personality.

After you were able to give your most brilliant ideas and put them to good action. You were able to connect to a thousand more customers, and your revenue increases threefold resulting in a potentially good year and a good life. But then you find out the next day that you are in line for termination of your employment.

Perhaps in class, you were able to explain or break down the Theory of Relativity to your Physics professor but you discovered that you can no longer enter his class until the next Semester.


We are about to enter into a different realm of human nature. This may surprise you.

Perhaps your boss is an old, single but miserable woman, and there you are at work, smiling too much, greeting your co-workers a little too much everyday.

Perhaps your CEO is short, balding, fat and ugly. Yet you look sharp, tall, muscular and you’re also wearing a wristwatch as expensive as your salary.

Perhaps you are driving your Lamborghini again for the seventh time in front of your supervisor’s home, knowing that he only drives that old hand-me-down truck.

Perhaps you have exposed yourself too much.

That’s one of the few hints that I can give you anyway. Then you can figure out the rest.

Understand: We all have insecurities. Some of us are good at compartmentalizing and hiding it even, but others not so much. Such people would rather display it overtly by throwing tantrums, lectures, guilt trips, and as far as committing murder. They just could not get the fact that some people are greater than they are in some aspects in life. Some of my friends try to contest this by saying that “it’s not entirely true”, but unfortunately the world is what it is, not as it should be.

In order to emphasize its importance, I think it is worth to repeat: We all have insecurities no matter how much we alleviate it. There is nothing we can do.

However, you can always downplay your achievements. You can always mute your colors. You can always disguise your brilliance. and finally, you can always make others around you feel good by elevating them above you.

Paradoxically, upon discovering how much value you can offer to them, they gravitate towards you.

You should discover this by yourself.

Peace, and much love.




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