Who Am I?

Who am I: Swordsman. Idol. Friend.

Hello my Friends! My name is Regular Slasher.

Born in Cebu, got married and eventually moved into Manila, Philippines. I am a Salaryman as a day job (as I am in Japan for quite a long time), and an Iaido practitioner under the Musō-Shinden Ryū sword style.

Outside of the dōjō, I am practicing alone, focusing on improving my techniques, (including meditating before going to bed or after waking up in the morning), therefore taking it seriously.

While practicing the craft, I am also interested to learn anything related to its philosophical and practical aspects along the way and I strive to apply them outside of the Dōjō.

And if there is something new that I have learned, I am offering them to you my dear readers.

I’m a regular guy with regular dreams.
I also do regular things like regular people.
I am serious in searching for Life’s answers on a regular basis.

And, I also slash regularly.

Keep updated for my future posts. Cheers.

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